Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Forever Begins Now !!

Well, this one is old... but fresh in my mind !!

What is forever?

What is forever?
Is it the breath of the man, that is lying on the bed,
Waiting to see the last glimpse of his child,
Or is it the smile which comes on the face,
When the guy asks you to be his wife.
Is it the smell of the rising bud,
Which a farmer feels, after a million years,
Or is it the bliss of the assertive soldier,
Which just saved you from a pool of tears.
Forever is nothing but what you believe,
To be sanctified and dedicated to achieve,
It is your inner soul speaking up for you,
To be ingenious and to do what is true,
Follow your heart, question where and how,

Un realization !

So it all began with a smile...

My first post..
The feeling is great ! Feels like i found the medium to express my inner self !
New here, well hoping to really make the most of it.
Moreover, its a great way to spend your time ! ;)
So here i go.. playing with the words... Having the time.. as much as i can ! :)