Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Birthday Fervour :D

Aah !! Its my birthday tomorrow ! :D And like everyone, i am excited !
Or to be honest, more than excited ! Its that time of the year when my inner kid comes out of sleep and i wish to do all the fun things- be it having lots of balloons in my party, blowing the candles on the cake or the feeling of opening gifts the very moment i get them !!
But the best part, being a birthday girl, according to me is the wishes in person, phone calls and the messages you receive throughout the day !! It makes you feel so special ! My eyes are always on my cellphone waiting for messages from my friends and family !!

And yes, i have a list of people whom i expect to call, some at midnight and some during the day ! Sounds kiddish but this is me ! Then i got a list of all the things i wish to do on my birthday (*which is considered to be a secret :P) and then there is one list of things i wish to eat on my birthday ! :D :D
Hilarious isn't it ! ;)
But for me, this is the most special day of my life, the day when i can find happiness in the dullest of things, the day when i can smile throughout without a reason !
And i am so very looking forward to it !

 I hope the clock strikes 12 soon !!


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  2. m short of word's.....seriously.....