Friday, 24 August 2012

Interview with a Tree

Me: Hello. How have you been?

Tree: Hi! I have been standing tall and long. Thank you for asking.

Me: So tell me something about yourself.

Tree: I am not as old as some of the trees around me however; I have been here for several decades. I have seen the tides rise and fall through seasons and daily routines.  I have encountered the hand of the Great Wind and held on with all my might.

Me: That must have been very fascinating for you. Isn’t it?

Tree: The cold winters test my survival skills yearly, while the sun encourages me to grow higher and bigger. I have seen the hills slide and have adjusted my trunk for it. I grew out and around to reach the sun’s rays faster than those hidden behind me.

Me: What about your basic requirements?
Tree: The ground is good here; I am always well fed.  My green cedar bows are strong.

Me: That is good to hear. And how is the neighborhood?

Tree: My neighbors hug me daily so I know that I am loved.  Small creatures visit me from time to time and chat on my branches.

Me: This is really great. You definitely got many friends over here. But tell me, isn’t it a tough job? To bear all this heat and cold and serve the nature; serve the living. Especially when you don’t get anything in return.

Tree: I live by the water that travels to the sea.  People pass me and don’t bother me. I am a tree holding up the earth around me and trying to reach the sun. You can live for years next door to a big pine tree, honored to have so venerable a neighbor, even when it sheds needles all over your flowers or wakes you, dropping big cones onto your deck at still of night. There is always music amongst the trees, but your hearts must be very quiet to hear it.
To this nature I owe a lot, for giving me rains to flourish, for giving me soil to breathe. All I can do is to pay back by helping my bit in evaporation, rain cycles, soil binding. The living I like, some have sown me, some do cut. But what’s life if I don’t do good. My roots below are strong just like my heart. I give them food, I give them shelter. And in return I don’t want anything. Neither me, nor millions like me. But if they can give anything, I want them to thank me once for being what I am. Nothing else. This suites me just fine.

Me: Mesmerized !

And that’s why I planted a seed today!
I did my bit, have you done yours?

Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Lightening Sky !

It was a night full of thunders. Cold breeze embraced the land. The clouds roared through the sky and every breathing person was into their house, under the blanket, sipping their cup of coffee. But some hearts were scared, scared of the night. These little ones had never seen the god’s anger in this form. With fear in their minds, they lie in their bed with eyes wide open, looking for those monsters which might be hidden under their bed. One such girl was Dhriti.

It was 10’o clock at night. This 7 year old was afraid of the dark. With her teddy in her arms, she was sitting and wondering what to do. Suddenly she saw light coming from the fireplace. Slowly she slipped her legs in her red sandals and walked to the fireplace. She saw her grandmother knitting a sweater. She went up to her and said, ‘Granny, I am not able to sleep because of the weather.’ Her grand mom lifted her up in her arms n made her sit on her lap. Then she asked, ‘Are you afraid of the dark my dear’? Dhriti replied at once, ‘No no, it’s not the dark; it’s the lightening that’s frightening me’. Grand mom smiled and said, ‘Do you know why the sky shines’? To this Dhriti innocently replies, ‘yes, it shines to scare small children who don’t do their homework’. Grand mom laughs and says, ‘No my child, the sky shines to give you light. It gives light to the passenger traveling on a lonely land in a hope to reach its destination soon. It gives light to the pedestrian who is afraid to cross the road. Not only to them, but the sky shines to tell you that no matter how high it is, it still lights the whole world.’

Dhriti was confused; after all she was just 7 years of age. Seeing the expression of her face, granny asked her, ‘Okay tell me one thing, what if you are walking on a road, after doing loads of shopping with your mom. Both your hands are full with shopping bags and you are not able to hold your mother’s finger. Suddenly the light at the street goes off. What will you do? What if she crosses the road and you don’t? What if you are not able to find her?’

Dhriti seemed worried. Grand mom continues, ‘At this point if the sky lights, you would be easily able to find your mom and be safe’. Dhriti smiles. Grand mom slowly sways her hand on her forehead and explains, ‘Sometimes there are hard times in life. You must see the lightening as a sign to vanish the darkness. If a single beam of lightening can glow the world, imagine how powerful can be a ray of hope in your mind. Success will surely salute you. And the lightening never stays for long. Nothing lasts forever, even the darkest of nights. This night will end too, bringing a new shiny day. You should not be afraid of the darkened paths. Rather you should be the source which lightens it.’

That night, Dhriti had a peaceful sleep with her window open letting in the cool breeze of love.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Ciao Italy !!

Mamma Mia !
Bienvenuto !! (It means WELCOME)

Italy, *sigh !

The name just gives me an adrenaline rush ! I so want to go there once...
Even my Blog's name is in Italian :)
As we all know, Italy lies in Europe, with its capital ROME being one of the many beautiful.
Italian culture has always mesmerized me. It never failed to impress me more. When i was 10 years old, my aunt went to Italy for a holiday. The next month when i saw the pictures, all i could think was to grow up, earn and travel !!!

Its a beautiful country with splendid hill sides and a charismatic view. I could see it right in front of my eyes. How i wish i could just grab a seat in the plane, fly across the ocean and land in the city of Cazzo ! Now mainly, Italy is famous for its two things- FOOD and WINE :)
(*to be honest both r my fav. :P)
Bon Appetite: 

The food !  Italy is quite literally a feast of endless courses, but no matter how much you gorge yourself, you’ll always feel as though you haven’t made it past the antipasti. Even the simplest snack can turn into a revelation, whether you’re downing a slice of Slow Food pizza, a paper cone of fritto misto (fried seafood) or pistachiofl avoured gelato. The secret is an intense, even savage, attention to top-notch ingredients and fresh, seasonal produce. 
Italy serves the world class produce of Parmesan Cheese. And what classic then all the Wines. I am feeling hungry now ! :-/

Bel Paese:

As if in homage to its people’s love of fashion, Italy’s outline – a ‘boot’ – makes it one of the most recognisable countries in the world. I am sure each one of us girls have a pair of boots which we flaunt. And all we need is to buy one from Italy. How can we forget the sensual aromas we get there. Perfumes, ranging from a euro to millions of them, you get to smell the excels. Can someone gift me 1 please, my birthday is coming ! :P 

Now, lets not forget to salute Italy for giving us Galileo, Versace, Gucci, Armani, Al Pacino, Valentino, Monica Bellucci and many others ! The world would have been so different without them ! :P :D

The famous *must watch* sites include:

The Colosseum.

The Acropolis.

Lovely azaleas at the Spanish Steps.

The Trevi Fountain.

The Tiber River with the Vatican as a backdrop.

Also the Italian music speaks for itself. Operas and symphony are always alluring... ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫

Despite incessant praise, Italy continues to surprise and delight. It seems i like i have googled the whole of Italy. I might have never been there for real, but Internet has served me right !!

So with another dream on, to go sit in a bistro, taste some cheese and match some wines, i sign off ! :)
P.S. - I definitely am having a pizza tonight :D

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Love Takes Hostages !

I read this somewhere...

“Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain..”

Ii felt its a bit incomplete. The end. If love is so sagacious, why does everyone fall in it? Why is it that it consumes everyone? It is that beautiful feeling that dissipate everywhere. And those who say that they have never been in love, they have been in it the deepest. Just they support the first para within them.

That real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain stands nowhere in front of the-ever-so-magnanimous-feeling !

Love is not a disease, it is a cure to many. When you find that one person, to whom you can give in and give upon everything, world seems beautiful. Yes, you might hear violin playing and birds chirping and everything musical around you. You may see the dullest of roads be flooded with roses and smallest of drops as ocean. So? Is that bad? NOPE !

Why not fall in love just because you are afraid of getting hurt? It says you give them a piece of you. Why forget you get a piece too. Memories worth lifetime. Don't be afraid to get hurt. Lucky are the ones who don't but even if you do, you can be sure that someone is still out there for you. You just made a wrong choice. Learn from it and do good next. You, one day, will surely find 'THE PERFECT ONE'!

Fall in love, make someone fall in love with you. Because trust me, it is a beautiful feeling :)

Sunday, 1 July 2012

And after all, it's SPRIHA :D

Everyday i come across people who ask me the meaning of my name. And when i say everyday, i really mean EVERYDAY !!

Usually it starts with: Hello beta, what's your name? And i have to go like: Namaste Uncle, myself Spriha :)
And what follows is what i hate the most!!
Supriya ? Priya ?
And the worst i got was: Suprabha ?
I know i got a different name, but try and listen to me when i pronounce it !!
And finally after all the efforts when they are able to speak it correctly, the most obvious question is asked!

Spriha means DESIRE ! Its a Sanskrit word derived from 'Spri' dhatu which means to wish for something. Desire is a sense of longing for an object, a person or an event. Its hoping for an outcome. While Desires are often classified as emotions by laypersons, it is totally different. Emotions are a person's state of mind whereas Desire is a wanting in your heart !
Now you know where my blog get its name from !! ;)

Now usually one question is followed by another. What do you desire ?
I always have different answers. When i was a kid, my mother told me to answer that i want to become a doctor when anybody asks me the same. As i grew up, the answers changed into being successful, Lamborghini Gallardo and once i even said that i want to marry Abhishek Bachchan !! (*i know its not possible now but we still got Ranbir Kapoor on the list :D)

But today, when the same question was asked, my answer was totally different. For a second i had to think what i have to say, since the person was a gentleman who asked. And then the words just came out my mouth. "I want to fulfill all my desires." There are so many of them that i actually want to stop wishing and making some of them real!

To begin with, i always wanted to plant a tree. To dig that ground, plant a seed and see it grow. I know i am a bit late, but finally i did something which satisfy me for the day. I just hope i am able to see it fruit.
To be honest, i might not like it when people question me so much regarding my name, but somewhere inside it makes me smile. It makes me feel special. I know i got a different name, and this makes me different as a person too. So  from today on, i.e. 1 July 2012, i will try and fulfill all that i ever wanted.

Let the countdown begin...

For all you out there, DESIRE... DESIRE more and more...!!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Fooooof ! There goes another candle !

Okay, i know this post will not be as great as the one i am writing for, who in fact have more than 100 followers on her own blog, but i just wanted to wish her a very very very Happy Birthday !

Crazy she is! Trust me! Always full of energy, she should be the brand ambassador of some Glucose Company !
And when down to sleep, dare you even try to wake her up. (* if you value your life, DO NOT TRY IT) :P :P
With the smile of an angel, she has the prettiest eyes i have ever seen! Beautiful curls coming down the neck makes her look se-H-xy all the time. WAIT, am i losing track here :P

And her pics, uhhh, i am so very jealous. Such a photogenic face !!
So wish you a fabulous birthday ! And i am waiting for a fabulous treat as well(*as promised this time :) )
You are a great buddy to be with and i love you a lot :*


P.S. - I was paid a Goooooood amount for all this stuff ! ;) :P

A Stranger !

She walks slowly, holding grocery bags, stepping over mounds of litter.
She seems to be having troubles. He notices. Tightening her grip she drives her body forward. Suddenly she stumbles over the garbage, and we can see the apples flying.
She greets the ground with a thump. Apples are now down the street.
She gathers herself and collects her belongings.

Startled! A peaceful, warm and delicate touch on her shoulder gracefully turning her body. Unknowing of what was to come she composes a smile, a vague one. He hands her the runaway apples.

Silence! She thinks she recognizes him. Standing on the gravel, they stare at each other! A blank expression across his face. He opens his hand and a piece of paper. He gestures her to take it, moving his hand closer. Snatching it she turns to leave impatient with time.

Opening the note she reads, “I’ll be seeing you”. Startled by the creepy feeling making its way up her back, she turns to yell at him.

Vanished !

Confused and full of questions she quickens her walk, leaving her feelings along the pavement as she goes down the street, around the corner. The arms getting heavy and the legs weaken. Suddenly she falls down. Hard, damp, cold cement!

She jumps up, looks down only to see herself lying on the ground below. The man is now beside her. She notices something she did not care to notice before. Wings! It startles her, as a wave of inner peace engulfs her soul.

He motions to her to follow. She walks in his footsteps, leaving the ground behind only to know that the world she left behind is slowly falling apart !


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Can Yesterday Continue Today ?

 It all began with a smile,
And now it’s been a while.
I never thought we would be together,
First impression- he got moves like Jagger!
You entered my life like a shooting star,
I wonder what you think, I wonder what you are!
Whilst so called friends have come & gone,
You & I still carry on!
Coincidences were on its heights,
Be it neighbor indoor or same school heights!
From your rapping songs to those sweets I had,
Every moment with you, I am happy and glad.
The speed so crazy, the looks so wow,
You just make me smile, I don’t know how!
Be it the talks or be it the silence,
Be it your caring nature, or your non-violence, ;)
It is something which makes me feel good,
So here I am, with a happy mood,
To tell you you’re important, to tell you you’re sweet,
To tell you how lucky I am, to you the day I meet,
We exchange our feelings almost every day,
And really listen to what we have to say.
I am there with you and forever will be,
If you promise to always remember me.
I met you as a stranger,
I got to know you as a friend.
On me you can always depend,
This special relation won’t end ! 

Friendship isn't a single BIG thing...
It is million small things :)

Monday, 27 February 2012

Music is what FEELINGS sound like !

Be it the cry of a new born child or the laugh of the antiquated, music is what we hear all day. Whether you admit it or not, music imbeds our daily life, weaving its beauty and emotion through our thoughts, activities and memories. Music has a way of stirring our innermost feelings and all of our senses, of tapping into parts of ourselves unlike anything else. It is a universal language that has the ability to speak to us deeply and uniquely.

Is your life a symphony? Does it sometimes soar upward in a joyful crescendo? Does it sometimes descend into a slow rhythm of repetitive low notes? Does your heart sing? Do you make a joyful noise unto the Lord? Do you only want to sing solos? Or do you want to join in the mighty chorus of harmony with many other voices? Every single second makes new notes and add melody to our life’s song.

You need not be perfect in creating the best sound, or writing the best lyrics but you are perfect in creating the best melodies for yourself ! If you have difficulty adjusting the tension of the strings of your life, you can always seek advice from the Director of the Orchestra. He, up there is always available for you !


Sunday, 26 February 2012


During our life, we meet many men,
But affect your heart, only a few can,
Apple grows in America, grapes grow there too,
But god chose India for NUTS like me and you!
From total strangers, to best of friends,
Our friendship will last till the end!
Go and have a blast, because it’s your birthday,
You must celebrate it in every special way!
Since its 26th, be sure to wish upon a star,
And think of all of us, who know how wonderful you are!
God bless you on your birthday,
For all the earning things you have done,
For the kindness you have shown me,
I remember every one!
Oh what a joy it is, to have a friend like you,
For giving me strength and shelter, the way you always do!
Thanx for being there and helping me grow,
You friendship means a lot, I would like you this to know !!

Okay, I know it’s a little late but finally I get a chance to thank an awesome person…! You know what, you are not only special because you made me meet other special people ;) but because knowingly or unknowingly you have helped me a billion of times!!


Wednesday, 15 February 2012


There are many things in life which you want to do in the best way possible, but you just can’t! The major one for me is thanking my mom for all that she did, and is doing for me. She has always been my inspiration. Right from teaching me ABC to helping me achieve my dreams, she has been my strength.

I love you mom!

And today, on your birthday, I would just like to say, that you are the bestest mother in the whole universe! You have always been there for me; when I needed a shoulder to cry on, or when I needed a high-five to celebrate my victory. I still remember the day when I troubled you so much that you decided not to talk to me ever again. And just the next minute when you saw me hungry, you went on and made my favorite dish. Words are not enough to express the respect I have for you in my heart. You are the most precious person to me. I really have tears in my eyes while writing all this, but I could never show it to you. I can never thank you for all you do for me. But I want you to be with me, in every path of life I travel, being my best mate. And deep in my heart I know, that you will always be there with me.

Happy Birthday Mumma!

Don’t know where to start,
Don’t know where to end,
Shall I call you my mentor,
A companion or a friend;
What name is given to the one,
Who guides you through all your troubles,
Helping you easily cross,
Every little hurdle;
Straight from your first walk,
 to your first school dress,
Do all the little things,
pack and press;
She is the one,
who combed your hair,
Collects the clothes
u throw here and there,
Makes up the dish,
With the perfect amount of salt;
Never makes your life have,
Even a single little halt.
She took all the care,
Helping sons being doctors or going to the war,
All is wrapped up in 6 letters,
Mother’s smiles can brighten any moment,
Mother’s hug put joy in our days,
Mother's love will stay with us forever,
And touch our lives in all precious ways !!


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Valentine F(or)ever !!

When you see roses around the corner of the road and when you smell chocolate in the air, you know VALENTINE WEEK is here. It’s the time for the crazy forevers, the new borns, the lunatics and the shallowers..

Oh! Love is in the air <3

It begins with celebration of ROSE DAY! The mesmerizing fragrance of rose petals as you sniff the air just makes you feel special. One for all, all for one suits perfectly here. Be it a yellow one for eternal friendship or a red to express your love, everyone loves to get one. You can see people sending flowers from miles away, with a beautiful feeling to say I MISS YOU!

Next we have the PROPOSE DAY! This day always give me jitters. Trust me, your single or committed, you always secretly wish that someone from somewhere says the breathtaking three words to you. And that makes you go gaga! Even if you will reject the proposal, you still wish to get one! :P

And then it’s my favorite!  CHOCOLATE DAY! White or Dark, Milk or Bitter, chocolates are loved by one and all. Whether a 50 year old or a 5 year old, the smile one gets when given a chocolate is incomparable! And what I love the most is the shapes and sizes of them, they are just heart taking! There’s nothing better to fill your tummy with loads of calories on this day! ;)

Now comes the teddy day. And you can go saying ‘awwwww’ whole day long. Small teddy, big teddy, pink teddy, red teddy, cute teddy, sweet teddy,  you have it all! Go visit the stores and you get more than what you desire!

Next we have the PROMISE DAY. Serious! :P
You can let your heart out on this day. Ask for whatever you desire from your loved ones and give them what they deserve. Its all about the faith and the love you got!

HUGS DAY !! :D :D I simply love this day. It feels so tender when you feel your safe in someone’s arms. Also what better than hugging your friends. They are the most important people in your life. Show them that you care. And don’t forget to hug yourself. Put your right hand on your left shoulder and left hand on your right shoulder. There you go. Nothing better! So, go hug yourself and someone, it feels good J

Well, lets not talk much about KISS DAY. I prefer it mysterious ;)

And then comes the major project of the week. It’s a day when everyone feels special in some way or the other. Your valentine may not necessarily be your lover; it may be a friend, a family member or just you yourself. It’s the day of love! LOVE AND ONLY LOVE! No hatred for once. Forgive your enemies. Forget the past. Go have a new beginning full of love and happiness!


P.S.- I miss you my valentine, TWINKLE, what a great time we had. Those fun loving days of bansals will always be cherished by me! I MISS YOU FRIEND J