Sunday, 26 February 2012


During our life, we meet many men,
But affect your heart, only a few can,
Apple grows in America, grapes grow there too,
But god chose India for NUTS like me and you!
From total strangers, to best of friends,
Our friendship will last till the end!
Go and have a blast, because it’s your birthday,
You must celebrate it in every special way!
Since its 26th, be sure to wish upon a star,
And think of all of us, who know how wonderful you are!
God bless you on your birthday,
For all the earning things you have done,
For the kindness you have shown me,
I remember every one!
Oh what a joy it is, to have a friend like you,
For giving me strength and shelter, the way you always do!
Thanx for being there and helping me grow,
You friendship means a lot, I would like you this to know !!

Okay, I know it’s a little late but finally I get a chance to thank an awesome person…! You know what, you are not only special because you made me meet other special people ;) but because knowingly or unknowingly you have helped me a billion of times!!


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