Wednesday, 15 February 2012


There are many things in life which you want to do in the best way possible, but you just can’t! The major one for me is thanking my mom for all that she did, and is doing for me. She has always been my inspiration. Right from teaching me ABC to helping me achieve my dreams, she has been my strength.

I love you mom!

And today, on your birthday, I would just like to say, that you are the bestest mother in the whole universe! You have always been there for me; when I needed a shoulder to cry on, or when I needed a high-five to celebrate my victory. I still remember the day when I troubled you so much that you decided not to talk to me ever again. And just the next minute when you saw me hungry, you went on and made my favorite dish. Words are not enough to express the respect I have for you in my heart. You are the most precious person to me. I really have tears in my eyes while writing all this, but I could never show it to you. I can never thank you for all you do for me. But I want you to be with me, in every path of life I travel, being my best mate. And deep in my heart I know, that you will always be there with me.

Happy Birthday Mumma!

Don’t know where to start,
Don’t know where to end,
Shall I call you my mentor,
A companion or a friend;
What name is given to the one,
Who guides you through all your troubles,
Helping you easily cross,
Every little hurdle;
Straight from your first walk,
 to your first school dress,
Do all the little things,
pack and press;
She is the one,
who combed your hair,
Collects the clothes
u throw here and there,
Makes up the dish,
With the perfect amount of salt;
Never makes your life have,
Even a single little halt.
She took all the care,
Helping sons being doctors or going to the war,
All is wrapped up in 6 letters,
Mother’s smiles can brighten any moment,
Mother’s hug put joy in our days,
Mother's love will stay with us forever,
And touch our lives in all precious ways !!


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