Saturday, 11 February 2012

Valentine F(or)ever !!

When you see roses around the corner of the road and when you smell chocolate in the air, you know VALENTINE WEEK is here. It’s the time for the crazy forevers, the new borns, the lunatics and the shallowers..

Oh! Love is in the air <3

It begins with celebration of ROSE DAY! The mesmerizing fragrance of rose petals as you sniff the air just makes you feel special. One for all, all for one suits perfectly here. Be it a yellow one for eternal friendship or a red to express your love, everyone loves to get one. You can see people sending flowers from miles away, with a beautiful feeling to say I MISS YOU!

Next we have the PROPOSE DAY! This day always give me jitters. Trust me, your single or committed, you always secretly wish that someone from somewhere says the breathtaking three words to you. And that makes you go gaga! Even if you will reject the proposal, you still wish to get one! :P

And then it’s my favorite!  CHOCOLATE DAY! White or Dark, Milk or Bitter, chocolates are loved by one and all. Whether a 50 year old or a 5 year old, the smile one gets when given a chocolate is incomparable! And what I love the most is the shapes and sizes of them, they are just heart taking! There’s nothing better to fill your tummy with loads of calories on this day! ;)

Now comes the teddy day. And you can go saying ‘awwwww’ whole day long. Small teddy, big teddy, pink teddy, red teddy, cute teddy, sweet teddy,  you have it all! Go visit the stores and you get more than what you desire!

Next we have the PROMISE DAY. Serious! :P
You can let your heart out on this day. Ask for whatever you desire from your loved ones and give them what they deserve. Its all about the faith and the love you got!

HUGS DAY !! :D :D I simply love this day. It feels so tender when you feel your safe in someone’s arms. Also what better than hugging your friends. They are the most important people in your life. Show them that you care. And don’t forget to hug yourself. Put your right hand on your left shoulder and left hand on your right shoulder. There you go. Nothing better! So, go hug yourself and someone, it feels good J

Well, lets not talk much about KISS DAY. I prefer it mysterious ;)

And then comes the major project of the week. It’s a day when everyone feels special in some way or the other. Your valentine may not necessarily be your lover; it may be a friend, a family member or just you yourself. It’s the day of love! LOVE AND ONLY LOVE! No hatred for once. Forgive your enemies. Forget the past. Go have a new beginning full of love and happiness!


P.S.- I miss you my valentine, TWINKLE, what a great time we had. Those fun loving days of bansals will always be cherished by me! I MISS YOU FRIEND J

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