Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Can Yesterday Continue Today ?

 It all began with a smile,
And now it’s been a while.
I never thought we would be together,
First impression- he got moves like Jagger!
You entered my life like a shooting star,
I wonder what you think, I wonder what you are!
Whilst so called friends have come & gone,
You & I still carry on!
Coincidences were on its heights,
Be it neighbor indoor or same school heights!
From your rapping songs to those sweets I had,
Every moment with you, I am happy and glad.
The speed so crazy, the looks so wow,
You just make me smile, I don’t know how!
Be it the talks or be it the silence,
Be it your caring nature, or your non-violence, ;)
It is something which makes me feel good,
So here I am, with a happy mood,
To tell you you’re important, to tell you you’re sweet,
To tell you how lucky I am, to you the day I meet,
We exchange our feelings almost every day,
And really listen to what we have to say.
I am there with you and forever will be,
If you promise to always remember me.
I met you as a stranger,
I got to know you as a friend.
On me you can always depend,
This special relation won’t end ! 

Friendship isn't a single BIG thing...
It is million small things :)

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