Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Fooooof ! There goes another candle !

Okay, i know this post will not be as great as the one i am writing for, who in fact have more than 100 followers on her own blog, but i just wanted to wish her a very very very Happy Birthday !

Crazy she is! Trust me! Always full of energy, she should be the brand ambassador of some Glucose Company !
And when down to sleep, dare you even try to wake her up. (* if you value your life, DO NOT TRY IT) :P :P
With the smile of an angel, she has the prettiest eyes i have ever seen! Beautiful curls coming down the neck makes her look se-H-xy all the time. WAIT, am i losing track here :P

And her pics, uhhh, i am so very jealous. Such a photogenic face !!
So wish you a fabulous birthday ! And i am waiting for a fabulous treat as well(*as promised this time :) )
You are a great buddy to be with and i love you a lot :*


P.S. - I was paid a Goooooood amount for all this stuff ! ;) :P


  1. Now, if i tell you what it mean?? U'll kill me, no..!!

  2. No No... Go on.. You can elaborate your comment !! :P