Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Stranger !

She walks slowly, holding grocery bags, stepping over mounds of litter.
She seems to be having troubles. He notices. Tightening her grip she drives her body forward. Suddenly she stumbles over the garbage, and we can see the apples flying.
She greets the ground with a thump. Apples are now down the street.
She gathers herself and collects her belongings.

Startled! A peaceful, warm and delicate touch on her shoulder gracefully turning her body. Unknowing of what was to come she composes a smile, a vague one. He hands her the runaway apples.

Silence! She thinks she recognizes him. Standing on the gravel, they stare at each other! A blank expression across his face. He opens his hand and a piece of paper. He gestures her to take it, moving his hand closer. Snatching it she turns to leave impatient with time.

Opening the note she reads, “I’ll be seeing you”. Startled by the creepy feeling making its way up her back, she turns to yell at him.

Vanished !

Confused and full of questions she quickens her walk, leaving her feelings along the pavement as she goes down the street, around the corner. The arms getting heavy and the legs weaken. Suddenly she falls down. Hard, damp, cold cement!

She jumps up, looks down only to see herself lying on the ground below. The man is now beside her. She notices something she did not care to notice before. Wings! It startles her, as a wave of inner peace engulfs her soul.

He motions to her to follow. She walks in his footsteps, leaving the ground behind only to know that the world she left behind is slowly falling apart !


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