Sunday, 1 July 2012

And after all, it's SPRIHA :D

Everyday i come across people who ask me the meaning of my name. And when i say everyday, i really mean EVERYDAY !!

Usually it starts with: Hello beta, what's your name? And i have to go like: Namaste Uncle, myself Spriha :)
And what follows is what i hate the most!!
Supriya ? Priya ?
And the worst i got was: Suprabha ?
I know i got a different name, but try and listen to me when i pronounce it !!
And finally after all the efforts when they are able to speak it correctly, the most obvious question is asked!

Spriha means DESIRE ! Its a Sanskrit word derived from 'Spri' dhatu which means to wish for something. Desire is a sense of longing for an object, a person or an event. Its hoping for an outcome. While Desires are often classified as emotions by laypersons, it is totally different. Emotions are a person's state of mind whereas Desire is a wanting in your heart !
Now you know where my blog get its name from !! ;)

Now usually one question is followed by another. What do you desire ?
I always have different answers. When i was a kid, my mother told me to answer that i want to become a doctor when anybody asks me the same. As i grew up, the answers changed into being successful, Lamborghini Gallardo and once i even said that i want to marry Abhishek Bachchan !! (*i know its not possible now but we still got Ranbir Kapoor on the list :D)

But today, when the same question was asked, my answer was totally different. For a second i had to think what i have to say, since the person was a gentleman who asked. And then the words just came out my mouth. "I want to fulfill all my desires." There are so many of them that i actually want to stop wishing and making some of them real!

To begin with, i always wanted to plant a tree. To dig that ground, plant a seed and see it grow. I know i am a bit late, but finally i did something which satisfy me for the day. I just hope i am able to see it fruit.
To be honest, i might not like it when people question me so much regarding my name, but somewhere inside it makes me smile. It makes me feel special. I know i got a different name, and this makes me different as a person too. So  from today on, i.e. 1 July 2012, i will try and fulfill all that i ever wanted.

Let the countdown begin...

For all you out there, DESIRE... DESIRE more and more...!!


  1. SPRIHA. That's the first time I heard this name and I liked it. It certainly needed a post to explain people what it means :)

  2. I know. Thats why it this post was required ! :D
    Thank You :)

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