Friday, 24 August 2012

Interview with a Tree

Me: Hello. How have you been?

Tree: Hi! I have been standing tall and long. Thank you for asking.

Me: So tell me something about yourself.

Tree: I am not as old as some of the trees around me however; I have been here for several decades. I have seen the tides rise and fall through seasons and daily routines.  I have encountered the hand of the Great Wind and held on with all my might.

Me: That must have been very fascinating for you. Isn’t it?

Tree: The cold winters test my survival skills yearly, while the sun encourages me to grow higher and bigger. I have seen the hills slide and have adjusted my trunk for it. I grew out and around to reach the sun’s rays faster than those hidden behind me.

Me: What about your basic requirements?
Tree: The ground is good here; I am always well fed.  My green cedar bows are strong.

Me: That is good to hear. And how is the neighborhood?

Tree: My neighbors hug me daily so I know that I am loved.  Small creatures visit me from time to time and chat on my branches.

Me: This is really great. You definitely got many friends over here. But tell me, isn’t it a tough job? To bear all this heat and cold and serve the nature; serve the living. Especially when you don’t get anything in return.

Tree: I live by the water that travels to the sea.  People pass me and don’t bother me. I am a tree holding up the earth around me and trying to reach the sun. You can live for years next door to a big pine tree, honored to have so venerable a neighbor, even when it sheds needles all over your flowers or wakes you, dropping big cones onto your deck at still of night. There is always music amongst the trees, but your hearts must be very quiet to hear it.
To this nature I owe a lot, for giving me rains to flourish, for giving me soil to breathe. All I can do is to pay back by helping my bit in evaporation, rain cycles, soil binding. The living I like, some have sown me, some do cut. But what’s life if I don’t do good. My roots below are strong just like my heart. I give them food, I give them shelter. And in return I don’t want anything. Neither me, nor millions like me. But if they can give anything, I want them to thank me once for being what I am. Nothing else. This suites me just fine.

Me: Mesmerized !

And that’s why I planted a seed today!
I did my bit, have you done yours?


  1. thoughtful at the end... good.. but the brutal truth is that, government cut trees to make road extension, which i recently saw..

  2. you cant stop the government from doing that, all you can do is if they cut one, you plant many :)

    1. yes.. we can plant as many... the thing is, when the lawmakers are like this, how can people change their minds..?

  3. We don't need lawmakers' permission to plant! Individuals first need to initiate, then a whole group and the whole country will !
    Temme yourself, did you plant one ?

    1. without planting even a single sapling, it'd unfair to criticize others..
      of course yes. not only one.. a few in the backside of my house.. not my individual attempt, myself, my mother and sister..

  4. That's really great! :)

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  5. thought provoking blog..hmmm,very few people are writing about the trees nowadays.i would be looking forward for more of them from your side..

  6. I know not many value the TREE, but am sure you will get some more from me :)

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