Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Lightening Sky !

It was a night full of thunders. Cold breeze embraced the land. The clouds roared through the sky and every breathing person was into their house, under the blanket, sipping their cup of coffee. But some hearts were scared, scared of the night. These little ones had never seen the god’s anger in this form. With fear in their minds, they lie in their bed with eyes wide open, looking for those monsters which might be hidden under their bed. One such girl was Dhriti.

It was 10’o clock at night. This 7 year old was afraid of the dark. With her teddy in her arms, she was sitting and wondering what to do. Suddenly she saw light coming from the fireplace. Slowly she slipped her legs in her red sandals and walked to the fireplace. She saw her grandmother knitting a sweater. She went up to her and said, ‘Granny, I am not able to sleep because of the weather.’ Her grand mom lifted her up in her arms n made her sit on her lap. Then she asked, ‘Are you afraid of the dark my dear’? Dhriti replied at once, ‘No no, it’s not the dark; it’s the lightening that’s frightening me’. Grand mom smiled and said, ‘Do you know why the sky shines’? To this Dhriti innocently replies, ‘yes, it shines to scare small children who don’t do their homework’. Grand mom laughs and says, ‘No my child, the sky shines to give you light. It gives light to the passenger traveling on a lonely land in a hope to reach its destination soon. It gives light to the pedestrian who is afraid to cross the road. Not only to them, but the sky shines to tell you that no matter how high it is, it still lights the whole world.’

Dhriti was confused; after all she was just 7 years of age. Seeing the expression of her face, granny asked her, ‘Okay tell me one thing, what if you are walking on a road, after doing loads of shopping with your mom. Both your hands are full with shopping bags and you are not able to hold your mother’s finger. Suddenly the light at the street goes off. What will you do? What if she crosses the road and you don’t? What if you are not able to find her?’

Dhriti seemed worried. Grand mom continues, ‘At this point if the sky lights, you would be easily able to find your mom and be safe’. Dhriti smiles. Grand mom slowly sways her hand on her forehead and explains, ‘Sometimes there are hard times in life. You must see the lightening as a sign to vanish the darkness. If a single beam of lightening can glow the world, imagine how powerful can be a ray of hope in your mind. Success will surely salute you. And the lightening never stays for long. Nothing lasts forever, even the darkest of nights. This night will end too, bringing a new shiny day. You should not be afraid of the darkened paths. Rather you should be the source which lightens it.’

That night, Dhriti had a peaceful sleep with her window open letting in the cool breeze of love.


  1. nice one.there is always a ray of hope whatever be the situation be.

  2. thank you :)
    yes there always is !!

  3. nice one.... bt i think something missing ..if u add one thing then it would be rocking ....think abt that .