Monday, 14 November 2016

Once Upon A Time . . .

Do you remember the time,
when the world was only as big as your own personal stage.

When emotions were heightened and words could form daggers

each one making their mark.

When life was simple.

No responsibilities, no bills, no obligations.
It was just you, and your world packaged by friends and family.

When learning happened naturally. But days were much longer.

Minutes lasted for hours and sunny days never ended.

When your identity was a fight,
With a mix of emotions you never understood.

It was a time we will always remember.

A time we wished we did more and better.

It was a time, when we were invisible.

Yet, life is much more complicated than I once thought

Here now, looking back at then

I smile at the choice I made, the mistakes I suffered through, the happiness I celebrated and the pain I overcame.

Do you remember the time,
When love was all we had and candy was a full course meal.

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